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"Anna is an exceptional writer who is able to take an idea and run with it! She was very thorough in her research and clear in her writing, taking the time to capture our brand voice and sense of humor in the process. I found her recommendations for topics, keywords, and SEO descriptions really helpful and would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for some writing help in their business!"

– Meg McConnell, Owner + Lead Designer at Due West Design

“Anna was a pleasure to have leading our social media intern team, and her work ethic and creativity were unparalleled. She brought a fresh energy and targeted focus to our brand, and we loved having her on board!”

- Illana Raia, Founder & CEO of Être

“I loved the playful language used in this article! It was a very fun read and I will definitely be implementing some of Anna's tips into my own writing.

Emilia W., Editor for The Teen Magazine