Hey! I'm Anna.

High School Student. Creative Writer + Speaker. Paper Mate Pen Enthusiast.

I believe everyone has an incredibly important story to share, and creative writing is the tool to find your voice and stand out in a sea of information. I was disappointed in the way English was taught in schools, so I gave a TED talk about how to improve it.

Before that, I launched a blog, started a handmade greeting card shop, and organized a 4-day online event for teen business owners with 16 speakers and 200+ attendees, 2 years in a row.

If I'm not procrastinating homework until the very! last! minute! or connecting with other teen business owners, you might find me chasing my cat (see below) or making every stuffy school assignment aggressively creative ✨

And this is my cat:

Her name is Pickles... don't ask why.

Sometimes we design greeting cards together. Most of the time she scampers away from me and toward a vitamin capsule (it's the champion toy for active rodent-killers).

You can find us me here →


For the people at Paper Mate in need of a pen-tester... or those looking for creative writing / speaking flair,